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Welcome to LetsTalk India
Welcome to LetsTalk India

German Language Courses

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German Language Course


  • German (Deutsch) is a West Germanic language and one of the world's major languages.
  • Research shows that German is the most important and widely spoken language after English as a leading language in almost all spheres of human activity.
  • German is the official language in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
  • Over 78% of the world's total German speakers live in Germany.
  • In English, only proper nouns like people's names and the names of countries and cities are capitalised. In German, every single noun is capitalised.
  • German is famous for its excessively long words with the longest word being made up of 79 letters!


LETS TALK Academy teaches German Language at FIVE levels :

A1: Elemantary Level - Duration - 70 hours
A2: Pre-Intermediate Level - Duration - 80 hours
B1: Intermediate Level - Duration - 100 hours
B2: Pre-Advanced Level - Duration - 150 hours
C1: Advanced Level - Duration - 250 hours



Group Training is delivered to a group of 8 to 10 students per batch at Elementary Level. Whereas, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced classes tend to be smaller with around 6-8 students on average.
The times and dates of the classes are all displayed on upcoming batches page, however our weekday courses are normally scheduled from Monday to Friday and Special Weekend Courses are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays.


One-to-One Training is for learners who require individual tutoring.
Individual training focuses on exact learning needs and can be customised as per the learner's requirement.


Private group training is available for a group of a certain level who wish to study together privately.


Corporate Training is delivered in companies and corporate houses with specific business needs, schedule, sector and budget for the employees of their organisation.


You will have access to an ebook of the supporting textbook for the duration of your course.
Alongwith the ebook, you will also have access to online course material that entails reading passages, grammar and vocabulary lists and audio practice.


LETS TALK prepares you to write and clear international certificate examination of German Language at all levels.

  • The course includes two Assessments which will help to measure your progress and put your knowledge to the test.
  • Your trainer will help you enhance your Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking Skills of German language.
  • Each Level will help to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills while expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of verbs and sentence structure.
  • Using a series of reading, speaking & listening activities, asessments and support from your trainer, you will become a confident speaker of German on a variety of subjects.

Lets Talk Academy conducts Special Weekend Batches. Weekdays batches are conducted from Monday to Friday.


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LetsTalk with over 16 Years of language training has built a reputation of Quality Language training amongst National and International society / Industries. On sucessfully completion of course every student is provided a Certificate by academy.

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